Arend Delabie

Arend Delabie is a young (20) bedroom producer/songwriter from Kortrijk (Belgium), who’s taking his intriguing songs out of the bedroom for the first time. Arend knows – or rather fééls – how to write songs, guitar licks and intros, melodies and choruses, clever and surprising hooks, a break at exactly the right place and time. Multitalented as well. His ‘bedroom demos’ – recorded with just a laptop and basic gear – show hints of Damon Albarn (the Blur version), early/good Coldplay, Elliot Smith, Black Keys, even Phil Lynott or Thin Lizzy.

All superlatives, no rush: Brian Bogaert (producer/guitarist EMY) will take Arend under his wings in the coming year, to turn all this beautiful talent into killer tracks. Keep an ear out for this one. And so, we proudly present Arend Delabie as our latest signing at Mayway Records. Boy, are we psyched!

Fun fact: Arend lives in the same street where Maarten Devoldere of Balthazar and Warhaus grew up… talking ‘bout a good omen!

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