How would YOU feel if you could introduce one of the most iconic Belgian bands and insane live acts of the past 20 (!) years as newest member of the family? Exactly! Welcome to Mayway Records, STAKE!

A long, long time ago, STAKE started out as Steak Number Eight and clinched, much to their own surprise, Humo's Rock Rally in 2008 with their fascinating post rock/sludge metal music. At barely 15 years old, they are to this day the youngest winners of Belgium’s biggest rock band contest. They soon recorded debut album ‘When The Candle Dies Out’, school gave them time off to go on tour and the roller coaster hasn’t stopped since. They went from small venues to bigger ones and even bigger festival stages (Graspop, Hellfest, Wacken,…), played with the biggest names (Mastodon! Deftones! Dillinger Escape Plan! Alice Cooper!), released five more albums and wrote classics like ‘The Sea Is Dying’, ‘Dickhead’, ‘Return of The Kolomon’ and ‘Catatonic Dreams’. In 2018 they changed their name to STAKE.

STAKE are Brent Vanneste (vocals/guitar), Cis Deman (guitar), Jesse Surmont (bass) and Joris Casier (drums). They are currently working on a new album, which will be out on Mayway Records in 2025. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, they will throw a huge all-day party and play their ‘Biggest Show To Date’ in front of fans and friends on November 1st (LandMarck, Kortrijk, Belgium).

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