Try not attracting attention with a band name like Ão ... But take it from us: that is not the reason why this Belgian foursome will soon be making name for themselves. Much in the same way as Rosalía is making people dance to trendy flamenco tunes, Ão blends Afro-Portuguese and South American sounds and rhythms with subtle electronica and the enchanting voice of
Brenda Corijn.

Drawing on her Mozambican-Portuguese roots, Corijn sings in Portuguese and English, her lyrics entwining with Siebe Chau’s southern guitar, as heard on their 2020 eponymous debut EP. Adding the ambient sounds and production of Jolan Decaestecker and eclectic percussion of Bert Peyffers, the duo became a foursome and started jamming in Louvain based venue Het Depot, where Ão was artist in residence. Working on their debut album, which should be ready for release towards the end of next year, they broaden their intoxicating sound, making it deeper, more danceable, poppier, much like – again – Rosalía, but also FKA Twigs, Arooj Aftab, Lhase de Sela or James Blake.

Oh, and what Ão [ɐ͂w̃] means? Depending on the pronunciation, it could be something beautiful, something sad or something painful, express wonder or plain nonsense. Rest assured, that last meaning will not apply to the future career of Ão.

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