After the success of debut album ‘Big Enough’ and the subsequent tour, Mooneye went into the studio by the end of 2022 to record a successor. Frontman Michiel Libberecht knew very well where he wanted to go: back to the essence of Mooneye, creating intimate music built up from an acoustic foundation. He drew inspiration from the American way of song writing, with elements of folk and country, and influences like Kevin Morby, acoustic Beck, and Morricone and Luppi soundtracks.

The result is a stunning, varied yet coherent album, with Libberecht as unreserved and pure storyteller. ‘This is very close to who I am’, he says. ‘With a broad musical palette of what Mooneye is today and can be in the future.’ How that sounds, that’s for everyone to find out when the album arrives in February. But the true Mooneye experience is best felt live, at one of the release shows in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. With the new songs, hits like Bright Lights, Fix The Heater and Thinking About Leaving, beloved album tracks, and a well-oiled live band after years of playing together, crowds can expect a memorable night. Don’t wait too long to secure your ticket…

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