The ongoing collapse of civilization, however, becomes a lot more bearable to a spicy groove, as Belgium-based collective Lézard have quickly found out. Beneath the quintet’s functional geometry simmers a frenzied hysteria: a Boogie Wonderland for oddballs, misfits and lost souls you can't help but be a part of. 

With a sound forged in the spirit of Devo, XTC, LCD Soundsystem and Belgian forebears Telex, Lézard have already turned plenty of heads with their ‘disco vogue’ art punk shenanigans. The band wears its garish pop smarts like a too-tight three-piece suit on the hottest of summer days. 

With the high-wired “Nothing at All” and the equally suave & seedy “Coltrane & XTC” as opening salvo’s, Lézard has proven themselves a rapidly evolving creature. This year, the band will infiltrate plenty of haunts with their notoriously hot-blooded live performances, while setting their sights on penning brand new material this fall.

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