The Haunted Youth


The Haunted Youth is the band of Joachim Liebens (30) and one of the biggest Belgian indie rock sensations of the last few years. After the release of the critically acclaimed debut album Dawn of the Freak and touring almost non-stop, new songs are currently being written and recorded, with new singles coming this year.

The dreamy guitar, melancholic synths and velvety voice of Liebens all combine to form the characteristic sound people from many generations have come to love so much. And while Liebens often sings about his personal experiences and feelings, many people can relate to the songs as they, for all their predominantly dark themes, also carry a message of hope and create a sense of connection and belonging.

2024 marks the beginning of the second chapter in the band’s thrilling story, working on new songs and eventually a new album. The first new single is ‘Into You’, up-tempo indie pop with a summery vibe and The Cure-like synths, while the lyrics are melancholic, musing about longing and love. Taking a break from recording, The Haunted Youth will be playing a couple of festivals this year, like Best Kept Secret and Pukkelpop.

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