An architect by profession, music has always been an important means of expression for Aure. When living in Mexico for a few years, she took her first real steps as a musician and started writing compositions. Her old architecture classmate Ambroise Willaume (aka ‘Sage’, and member of the French band ‘Revolver’) helped with the arrangements, while English singer-songwriter Piers Faccini rewrote some of the lyrics in English.

The resulting 6 songs were all recorded in one take in a small Romanesque chapel in the region of the Cevennes in the south of France. The building’s architecture intensifies the stripped-down production of the songs, whose rather slow and careful orchestrations leave plenty of room for the surrounding’s identity to fill in.

With her deep and mellifluous voice, Aure inevitably calls to mind such music greats as Nico or Françoise Hardy. She sings about her doubts, and about love confronted with time, in sparse and direct lyrics, like emotional snapshots, without artifice. The stripped-down production, with mainly guitar and voice, further emphasizes this directness, like a contemporary Nick Drake, or more recently Big Thief and Mariee Sioux.

The first single taken from the forthcoming EP is the gorgeous ‘The Line’, inviting the listener to take side roads, and to accept that life doesn’t always follow straight paths. Now who wouldn’t want to stray with this kind of heavenly music in one’s ears?

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