It goes without saying that after two long years many artists are bursting with energy and overflowing with creative ideas they want to share with their fans. This is certainly true for EMY, already having released new single ‘Illusions’ early in 2022, which is without a doubt going to be a busy and pivotal year in the career of this promising band.

But let’s go back to the beginning for a moment.

In the summer of 2016 Paris-born Emy Kaboré, a young woman from Ghent gifted with a magnetic voice, buys a guitar and starts playing music by ear. Three years later, at the age of 19, she takes third place in Belgium’s biggest alternative music contest, and earns nods of approval for her first solo EP. In 2019 she changes course and the band EMY – in capitals – sees the light of day.

Guitarist Brian Bogaert, bassist Sander Huys and frontwoman Kaboré cross out the boundaries between music genres: from neo/progressive soul to fusion, world, pop and even jazz, EMY look at the world with an open mind. This also shows in the lyrics – introspective and intimate at times, portraying people and society at other times – and in the way they make music. Each song or project originates in a distinctive and fluid way, with no clear division of roles between the band members. They make music and write songs together, sometimes involving other musicians and producers, always resulting in something unique – and entirely EMY.

Proving that eclectic and catchy can perfectly go hand in hand is EMY’s second single ‘Inconvenient’ (2021): laid-back indie soul with a small yet striking Pink Floyd-esque touch. As with predecessor ‘Freestyle’ the song is eagerly picked up by the big radio stations, and it opens the door to France. Renowned booking agent A Gauche De La Lune (other Belgians on its roster: Balthazar, Girls in Hawaii, The Haunted Youth) sees the potential and signs the band. The aim is to conquer the rest of Europe as well, but that’s not easy when performing is the exception rather than the rule. Still EMY makes an impression at Les Nuits Botanique and festivals in the Netherlands, France and Germany.

No wonder then that the band is hungry for 2022. First single ‘Illusions’ is uplifting and powerful neo soul à la SAULT, Arlo Parks, The Internet or Jorja Smith. There will be a lot more amazing new material coming out in the next months, and the band are working hard on the debut album, which should be in stores in 2023. With a busy tour schedule to boot, EMY are all set for the biggest year in their still budding career.

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