Rarely has a band had a more fitting name than HEISA: three grounded blokes from Limburg with musical gold in their hands. Possessed yet measured. Uneasy yet mesmerizing. Disorienting yet catchy. HEISA is all of these things and preferably at the same time.

In the best tradition of unconventional bands ranging from Tool across Battles to Black Midi, the trio play around with rhythms, atmospheres and keyboards, while choosing their moments to break the painstakingly constructed tension with punishing guitars and waves of distortion. The vocals do not monopolise the listener’s attention but instead complement the other instruments. The result is an entirely unique sound.

Their live shows are exciting, surprising, slightly theatrical. It’s a terrible shame their album ‘joni’ arrives just when all pandemic hell breaks loose in 2020, cancelling all release shows and festivals. Still the record, ten awesome tracks that enchant as well as castigate, easily attracts a dedicated audience. As much as four of the tracks are eagerly picked up by radio stations and playlists, and critics from all the corners of the world dip their pens in golden ink.

In April of this year HEISA will unleash their new ‘Outliar EP’, showing a different side of the band. Tighter. Sharper. Yet all HEISA. Angular and layered. More accessible, if you will. Five songs, four of which stay well under 3 minutes. ‘80s song’ already gave a foretaste of the invigorating sound. Is this poppy? The HEISA way then. A healthy shot of adrenaline. And this time there will be release shows and festivals, both in Belgium and abroad, including a slot at the renowned and award-winning ArcTanGent festival in Bristol.

After 2 years of pandemic disturbance the world is recovering in fits and starts, and we can’t think of a more suitable soundtrack than HEISA’s music.

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