Posted 15-11-2023

Mayway Records welcomes ... Eosine!

Eosine is a four-piece from Liège (Belgium) and, for now, a well-kept secret of the Walloon indie scene, but not for long. Formed by now 21-year-old Elena Lacroix (vocals, guitar), the band also consists of Dima Fontaine (guitar, vocals), Benjamin Fransen (drums) and Brieuc Verstraete (bass, vocals).

Eosine's songs start from the wall of sound and ethereal sounds of shoegaze, emphasising progressive structures, chiselled vocal harmonies and forthright melodies, which fans of My Bloody Valentine, Lush and Psychotic Monks will love. Their live shows are fiery and psychedelic, and this was also felt at the Concours Circuit, a renowned music contest in the French speaking part of Belgium, where they snatched first prize, late last year.

With their controlled, but sometimes cathartic frenzy, Eosine have already been allowed to open for The Haunted Youth, DITZ, Lambrini Girls and at the farewell concert of Belgian indie icon BRNS in the Rotonde of Le Botanique, Brussels. Earlier this year, they performed at festival such as Left Of The Dial (Rotterdam), Les Nuits Botanique (Brussels) and – cherry on the cake! - Dour Festival.