NEW SINGLE | Ão - Meninas


Posted 20-06-2023

Ão presents new single “Meninas”

Ão, a young and exciting Belgian-Portuguese fourpiece, presents new single “Meninas”. It's dazzling blend of saudade, indie, electronic music and the luscious Portuguese lyrics inspired by the Mozambican roots of singer Brenda Corijn. The song, partly inspired by the series ‘My Brilliant Friend’, is about finding strength by the side of another woman to finally do what you want and who you are'. Singer Brenda Corijn: “ser mulher é mais fácil a lado seu”/"being a woman is easier on your side”.

After the widespread praise and airplay of previous singles ‘Avó’ and ‘Mulher’, even on the highly influential Seattle-based KEXP, Ão will be touring intensively before releasing a debut album on October 6.

Live, Ão is out of this world, not just a good show with brilliant musicians and an amazing voice, but a mind-blowing, unique and exhilarating experience. Watch ‘Mulher’ live at Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisbon back in April.

Video: Michiel Venmans