NEW SINGLE | Isaac Roux - Autumn Love


Posted 29-11-2023

Isaac Roux unveils new single “Autumn Love”

Like Bon Iver singing to a gentle acoustic guitar and piano track by Sufjan Stevens, that’s how this gorgeous “Autumn Love” sounds, a song perfect to enjoy with a nice cup of tea on a dark and cold autumn day. 

“Autumn Love is about the fact that people often break up in autumn/winter because these are the periods when we doubt ourselves the most.” Louis explains. “Whereas spring and summer often do the opposite.”

Isaac Roux is a project fronted by Louis De Roo who, after a jaw-dropping performance on TV show The Voice, graduated from Sir Paul McCartney’s LIPA. After successful singles ‘White Rose’ (winner of the notorious ‘De Nieuwe Lichting’ contest at Belgian national radio Studio Brussel) and ‘Colours’, it’s the next step to indie folk stardom for Isaac Roux, whose debut album comes out in 2024.

Isaac Roux


Autumn Love