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Posted 28-09-2022

The Haunted Youth share the ethereal video for ‘Teen Rebel’

Debut album Dawn Of The Freak arrives 4th November

What a year it’s been for The Haunted Youth! And the best is yet to come for the band centred around Joachim Liebens (29) with the release of debut album ‘Dawn Of The Freak’ on November 4, marking the pinnacle of a dazzling ride that started in the spring of 2021.

New single ‘Teen Rebel’ exemplifies these talents with perfection. Owing as much to classic shoegaze outfits like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine as it does to the toe-tapping momentum of artists such as MGMT.

To say The Haunted Youth has been making waves across Europe would be a hefty understatement. In fact, the two thousand tickets available for Dawn of the Freak’s release show in Brussels has proven to be insufficient to meet demand, and the sibling performance in The Netherlands’ has followed suit in selling out.

Enviable slots at Rock WerchterBest Kept SecretPukkelpopTomavistas and Reeperbahn have seen Joachim’s stock rocket during this first year of releasing music. So much so that THY was nominated alongside Lime Garden and EKKSTACY for Reeperbahn’s 2022 ANCHOR Award; with Celeste, Yard Act and Shame among those who have previously been shortlisted.

Joachim writes & records all of the tracks on Dawn of the Freak himself, and The Haunted Youth remains a deeply personal project.

“It’s therapy, a way of dealing with my existence”, Liebens says. “And I hope this album will be universal and accessible enough for others to enjoy it in the same way.” As dark as the lyrics often are, the album as a whole – both musically and ideologically - exudes salvation and connection, implying that it’s okay to feel like shit sometimes.

In between its perfectly captured moments of vulnerability, there is also a hell of a lot of joy to be found throughout Dawn of the Freak. The unstoppable momentum of ‘Coming Home’ packs its very own main-character moment, and ‘Broken’ is fitting to soundtrack the climax to any coming of age movie, as a snap of 80s-inspired drumbeats provide the percussion to a reverb-heavy, 10-track dream sequence of a debut album.

Dawn Of The Freak
1. Dawn Of The Freak
2. Teen Rebel
3. Stranger
4. Gone
5. Shadows
6. Broken
7. I Feel Like Shit And I Wanna Die
8. House Arrest
9. Coming Home
10. Fist In My Pocket

The Haunted Youth


Teen Rebel