Bobbi Lu




15 Mar 2023

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Imagine starving yourself over 4 years as some kind of protest to the invention of smartphones. Sounds fucking stupid right? Which is why British born Lucy Ryan preferred to leave that part of herself behind and move over the water to Belgium, following love, the opposite to what she had been chasing back home.

That was a decade ago. Now, she proudly presents her anticipated debut single ‘Metapwhore’. Lucy’s intriguing electronic indie sound, built from the bass up and layered with synths, loops and her subdued voice, is reminiscent of Thom Yorke (like her from Oxford) and the art pop of FKA Twigs and Caroline Polachek.

Keep an eye on Bobbi Lu, she is going on EU tour with The Haunted Youth in April, supporting in Amsterdam and Paris, plays with MEYY at Les Nuits Botanique in Brussels, and as icing on the cake, she will return to her home country in May for The Great Escape Festival.

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