Outra Mulher



07 Dec 2022

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Ão presents “Mulher”, a unique blend of enchanting saudade, contemporary indie and subtle electronica

In the wake of successful international acts like Rosalía, Arooj Aftab, Madredeus, James Blake and Lhasa de Sela comes Ão, a young and very promising Belgian-Mozambican-Portuguese foursome with their unique blend of saudade, indie and ambient electronics.

The mesmerising single 'Mulher' is musical ingenuity, grandeur and friskiness all in one … the mellifluous voice of the singer Brenda Coryn draws you into the song from the very first syllables lyrics, only to lay you back down after four spellbindingly beautiful minutes.
… and above all: ‘Mulher’ is a 24-carat pop song, chorus, climax and that impressive synth thump that lifts the song to seventh heaven.

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