Marble Sounds

The Ever After



31 Aug 2022

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‘The Ever After’ is the new single by Marble Sounds and the glorious closing title of ‘Marble Sounds’, the self-titled album by the project around Brussels-based Pieter Van Dessel, which will be released on 7 October. The song, it's melody and structure (that 'chorus'/'theme'!!) is reminiscent of the best of Sigur Rós, Sufjan Stevens, or ‘The Soft Bulletin’, the 1999 classic by The Flaming Lips.

‘Marble Sounds’ is the fifth album by Marble Sounds and in many ways their Magnum Opus. From the enchanting piano of opener ‘Quiet’, to the Sigur Rós-esque outro of ‘The Ever After’, the ten wonderful songs get under your skin and lock themselves in your heart, never to leave it.

Pieter Van Dessel: "This is as close as I can get to the essence of Marble Sounds and myself as a musician. Artists sometimes say that they step out of their comfort zone, but I have the feeling that with this record I just stepped into my comfort zone."

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